SwiftBlogs.dev is a project, that collects all Swift blogs and allows easy searches through the whole Swift universe. 🌌 🔭


This repository contains all feeds, that will be found behind the SwiftBlogs API at api.swiftblogs.dev. The project should live on the help of volunteers who add their favorite blog to the feeds.json file.

All api endpoints can be found in the Vapor Api project.

🖥 🤓 Contributions

Feed 📜

Feel free to open a pull request and add a new feed.

This is an example of the feeds.json file structure:

        "feed": "https://www.swiftbysundell.com/rss",
        "author": "John Sundell",
        "twitter": "@johnsundell"

The fields author and twitter are optional fields.

Code Review 🚑

Help with the API development and have a look at the source code. Discuss and add features or add some performance dust 🤓 on top of the current implementation.

Website 🌐

Currently there is only an API but a website with a simple search would be awesome. Just get in touch with me if you want to contribute some code!